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CAMS試験番号:CAMS テスト問題集
試験科目:「Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists」

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NO.1 Which activity is most likely to facilitate money laundering through on-line systems with
inadequate controls?
A. Conducting large value transactions
B. Conducting a large volume of transactions
C. Conducting anonymous transactions
D. Providing continuous worldwide access
Answer: D

NO.2 What are three factors a financial institution should examine with regard to a new customer
who is opening up a new account? Choose 3 answers
A. The previous financial institutions where the customer has banked
B. The type and size of the business the customer runs
C. The country or location where the customer is from or does business
D. The legal structure of the customer's business
Answer: A,B,D


NO.3 What are three elements of a sound Customer Due Diligence Program?
A. Training as to how and to what extent to identify prospective customers
B. Determination of what type of customer the financial institution will accept
C. Obtaining date of birth and address of a prospective customer
D. Determination of who in the institution should be assigned to the prospective customer as aliaison
Answer: A,B,C


NO.4 A customer comes into the bank and appears to be ill-at-ease waiting in the teller line. When
the customer gets to the teller, he become exceedingly nervous and asks for a large cashier's check to
be cashed and disbursed to him in $100 bills.
What should the teller do after completing the transaction?
A. Confer with the bank' s account going forward
B. File a CTR on the customer by the end of the day
C. Monitor the customer's account going forward
D. File a SAR on the customer
Answer: D


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