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1D0-635試験番号:1D0-635 参考書
試験科目:「CIW JavaScript Specialist」

>> 1D0-635 参考書


NO.1 Consider the following statement:
for (X; Y; Z)
What does Z represent in this code?
A. The condition under which the loop will execute
B. The counter variable
C. The loop counter update expression
D. The highest value that the counter variable may reach
Answer: C

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NO.2 Consider only the following code:
Which of the following would properly supply the sum of the two numbers?
A. return sum(num1+num2);
B. return sum;
C. mySum (num1+num2);
D. return num1+num2;
Answer: D

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NO.3 Which of the following is a valid variable name in JavaScript?
A. that
B. 2this
C. 2that
D. this
Answer: A

NO.4 Which statement will return the name of the browser being used to view the script?
A. navigator.appName
B. navigator.appVersion
C. navigator.platform
D. navigator.userAgent
Answer: A

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